Pharmaceutical distribution

AS Oriola has close ties with pharmaceutical companies operating in the Baltic Region: it provides services to all wholesale companies operating in the Baltic States, goods for Estonian clients are supplied on daily basis, medicines to Latvia and Estonia are delivered twice per week. These facts clearly speak in favour of the pharmaceutical logistic services – flexibility of supply, set frequency and reliability of deliveries ensure the best satisfaction of the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ expectations, thus creation of tangible benefits for our clients.

Pharmaceutical industry is under immense pressure to optimise pharmaceuticals supply chain and to enhance its efficiency. Market changes of strategic importance cause rethinking of the relevance of products warehousing and distribution in the whole chain of value creation. And it is more than only cost-related drives, but also other reasons determining the quality of services, manufacturer‘s flexibility in the changing market situations, necessity for focusing on the major competences of the company. The above-mentioned targets cannot be achieved by the efforts of one company alone, which in its turn determined development of various supply and distribution models: central warehouses of the region, consolidation of region-specific goods in the warehouses, acceptance and warehousing according to the GDP requirements, medicines distribution to the companies operating within the region - all these services are gaining growing importance in securing the market share held by the company.

Pharmaceutical companies – clients of logistic services – find it easy to define their requirements for the supplier of the above-mentioned services: supreme quality of services for relatively lowest price, without defining warehousing capacities, delivery frequency and quantities, i.e. maintaining flexibility of the entire supply system. AS Oriola satisfies all the conditions: the existing volume of goods flows enable benefiting from large-scale economy and reaching necessary clients within the territory of the Baltic Sates in time and under required conditions.