Quality creates safety

Quality Assurance (QA)


EU legislation gives directives, how the pharmaceuticals shall be manufactured and treated through the value chain. These requirements are written in guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which is a minimum standard for all distribution companies. All the companies are audited externally by local authorities and principal medical companies on regular basis. On top of that each of Oriola business has its own independent Quality Assurance organization to make sure, that all requirements will be met. 

In Quality Assurance Oriola is a pioneer developing its cold chain and implementing the state of the art solutions first in the market e.g. on-line monitoring of temperature controlled deliveries, own designed and dedicated temperature controlled totes, bar code readers etc.


Quality Management (QM)


It is not enough, that products are safe, but they must be available, delivered in time etc. To make sure that we can deliver what we promise, we must manage our processes. Recently the focus of improvement has been merely on improvement of our services and creating structures to embed continuous improvement in our daily process management.  We are planning our performance, setting targets and monitoring the results on all level of organization.