Oriola has more than 100 years of experience in the pharmaceutical wholesale markets in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries. The wholesale operations in Sweden were started already in 1907 and the Finnish Oriola Oy was founded in 1948. The Baltic wholesale operations were started in the 90’s and the Russian wholesale operations in 1996. Oriola has gone through major changes to become a one strong Oriola wholesale brand.


AS Oriola is one of wholesalers in the field of healthcare products in Estonia. The Company’s purpose is to meet the needs of hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care institutions.


AS Oriola is a part of Oriola-KD Corporation, a growing healthcare professional.

Oriola-KD’s strategic objective is to be the leading company in the pharmaceutical trade as well as in the marketing and sale of healthcare and supplies in Finland and Sweden, and to grow selectively in the Baltic countries, Denmark and Russia.


AS Oriola launched its activity in 1992 as a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals in Tallinn.

AS Oriola also imports, represents medicinal and healthcare products from well-known manufacturers.

AS Oriola represents several noted trademarks of consumer goods on the Estonian market such as Blistex, Lysi, Femisoija, Pansool, Canderel and Gefilus.


The Company moved to new warehouse on December 2007

Location: at VIA Baltic highway, 3 km from Tallinn’s border, 20 km from the centre and 1 km from Tallinn’s ring way   


Our success is based on good partnership relations both with our customers and with our suppliers. Thanks to highly professional staff of employees we have enough resources to listen and fulfill the needs of customers. As a subsidiary of Finnish Oriola-KD Corporation, we are also financially a very reliable partner to our suppliers.

23rd of February 2011 ISO 9001:2008 certificate was issued by Bureau Veritas Certification to all AS Oriola business areas. Certificate number is: EST99911A and valid until 11.March 2014.