About Oriola AS


Oriola AS is part of Oriola-KD Group which is a leading Pharmaceutical Retail and Wholesale company in Northern-Europe. Oriola-KD’s operations have grown and expanded internationally in recent years and today the company focuses on pharmaceutical retail and wholesale in accordance with its strategy. Oriola-KD operates as a reliable and efficient channel bringing together pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers. In 2013, Oriola-KD’s net sales were EUR 2.6 billion, and the Group had 5256 employees.


In Estonia, Oriola AS was founded in Tallinn, in 1992. Oriola AS is one of wholesalers in the field pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.  Our partners are pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies, convenience stores, healthcare shops and healthcare staff. Our strengths include customer orientation, quality, innovativeness and a skilled personnel.


Oriola AS is based in a modern building containing an office and warehouses meeting the Good Distribution Practice requirements. Oriola AS has pharmaceutical unit and marketing unit.


Oriola AS has immense and solid logistic competence. The company has pre-wholesale, cold chain transportation and repacking-relabelling experience. Clinical Trials Service takes care of the whole logistic chain of clinical trial material and medicines including temperature controlled cold and ambient deliveries. Sample Management Service provides sample labelling, storage and delivery to sales representants of pharma companies. Oriola AS is locally and internationally recognised wholesale distribution and logistic company which offers the different services for pharmaceutical companies.


Oriola AS is always in search for new partners and possibilities.